A holistic approach to health

The amount and flow of Ki is affected by your emotional state, which is ultimately related to the body, mind and spirit. Therefore, your emotions or mental state have a direct influence on the function of your body.

Under healthy conditions Ki flows freely through the meridians in a balanced state. If there is something wrong on a physical, emotional or spiritual level, Ki stagnates in the meridians producing sickness.

While treating sickness a person is viewed in terms of his or her own body uniqueness; the basic constitution and condition are taken into consideration. Also a person’s environment is being looked at. In fact, the person is being treated not the sickness as such.

Often a physical problem appears in one part of the body, and you get the impression that this is the only part that has a problem, while actually the problem exists in the body as a whole.

Therefore, shiatsu provides a holistic treatment meaning the whole person is being treated: body, mind and spirit.