My journey in bodywork began in 2010. I started following courses in Thai massage and I was instantly hooked; my passion for bodywork was born.

Fascinated by Eastern medicine I started the 4-year HBO study at Iokai Shiatsu in 2012. This study included a 2-year program on Western medicine (anatomy, physiology and pathology).

In 2016, I completed my studies and started working full time as a massage therapist. I attended many training sessions in various types of oil massage such as pregnancy, deep tissue, relaxation, and more. As my experience in bodywork grew, so did my passion.

This led me to create my own business, Shumara. My mission is to give people a moment of deep relaxation from their often busy or complex lives by reconnecting with the body, stimulating the body to heal itself and above all, to offer some peace of mind.

The human body intrigues me: how it works anatomically, how it’s influenced by our emotions and thoughts (and vice versa), how it’s affected by bodily movements, by the foods we eat, by our genes, life style, posture, environment and much more.

Because of this interest I attend regularly workshops in the fields of shiatsu, massage and other types of bodywork and I intend to keep on learning until I am very, very old!