Meridians – a short introduction

(Only English version available)
(The above picture shows the meridians according to acupuncture. In shiatsu there are a few differences)

Meridians are like pathways of Ki (energy) in the body, but you can’t physically see them.

The whole body ‘is‘ Ki. The ancient Chinese noticed however the action of Ki within the body and this was eventually systematized into twelve main meridians (there are more meridians). These twelve meridians are grouped into six Yin and Yang pairs.

A meridian isn’t solely a pathway; it is an expression of your life.

Each meridian has its own life function (respiration, digestion, excretion and so on). Find below the meridians, grouped into their Yin and Yang pairs, and their life functions:

Lung (Yin) : exchange (> respiration)
Large Intestine (Yang) : elimination (> excretion)

Liver (Yin) : storage
Gallbladder (Yang) : distribution

Spleen (Yin) : ingestion                  
Stomach (Yang) : digestion

Heart (Yin) : integration
Small Intestine (Yang) : conversion

Kidney (Yin) : vitality
Bladder (Yang) : purification


– Meridian exercises – Shizuto Masunaga, translated by Stephen Brown

– Teachers Eloise Sewell and Sasaki Sensei