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     (Only English version available) Ki is a fundamental concept in shiatsu as shiatsu is based on Chinese medicine. Therefore I would like to give you some insight into the subject of Ki. In literature a lot is written about Ki; the concept of Ki is being looked at from different perspectives. Below you will find a summary of one of those perspectives. It might be a challenge to comprehend, but give it a try! If you have any questions or comments about this post, please email me at info@shumara.nl. Ki’s meaning in a more general senseIn Chinese medicine Ki (‘Ki’ in Japanese or ‘Qi’ in Chinese) is a fundamental concept.…

  • Shiatsu

    Meridian exercises for an improved level of health

     (Only English version available) Find here all illustrations of the meridian exercises. Below I’m giving quite some background information to help you with the exercises. If it is too much, don’t worry, you can just scroll down and choose the pieces that are of interest to you:-) For doing the exercises it isn’t necessary to know all about Ki (energy) and the meridians (pathways of energy in the body). More important is learning to feel what is going on in your body. However, in case you are interested in these subjects, please just let me know. Introduction to the meridian exercisesShizuto Masunaga is the founder of Iokai Shiatsu (also known…

  • Sensational feelings AN EXPERIENCE

    Shu, Shoku, Do, So

    Everybody is born with an original amount of Ki and as you grow and live, you acquire Ki from eating and drinking, from breathing and your environment. The following aspects are important for a healthy living, to maintain and nourish your Ki: ● Shu – breathingBe conscious of your breathing. Many people breathe too shallow; more deep breathing stimulates optimal blood circulation and Ki flow. ● Shoku – ingestion (eating and drinking)Listen to what the body truly needs. Nourish your body (life), don’t overeat. ● Do – body ‘movement’ (internal organs and external limbs movement)Spend daily some time to exercise and play. Take care of a good rest; being able to…

  • HARMONY When it's all in sync, you feel it!

    A holistic approach to health

    The amount and flow of Ki is affected by your emotional state, which is ultimately related to the body, mind and spirit. Therefore, your emotions or mental state have a direct influence on the function of your body. Under healthy conditions Ki flows freely through the meridians in a balanced state. If there is something wrong on a physical, emotional or spiritual level, Ki stagnates in the meridians producing sickness. While treating sickness a person is viewed in terms of his or her own body uniqueness; the basic constitution and condition are taken into consideration. Also a person’s environment is being looked at. In fact, the person is being treated not…