Shu, Shoku, Do, So

Everybody is born with an original amount of Ki and as you grow and live, you acquire Ki from eating and drinking, from breathing and your environment. The following aspects are important for a healthy living, to maintain and nourish your Ki:

Shu – breathing
Be conscious of your breathing. Many people breathe too shallow; more deep breathing stimulates optimal blood circulation and Ki flow.

Shoku – ingestion (eating and drinking)
Listen to what the body truly needs. Nourish your body (life), don’t overeat.

Do – body ‘movement’ (internal organs and external limbs movement)
Spend daily some time to exercise and play. Take care of a good rest; being able to relax is very important.

So – mind ‘movement’ (thinking)
Thoughts like doubt, no clarity of mind, hate, jealousy, envy, fear, etc. can cause a lot of stress. When above three aspects (Shu, Shoku, Do) are balanced, a clear mind is fostered. Receiving shiatsu is another tool to develop a peaceful mind.