Just a moment for you to relax and recover from your busy or demanding life!

Like shiatsu, massage is using your body’s own natural ways to heal itself and has the following benefits:

  • Reduces stress
  • Eases anxiety and depression
  • Improves blood circulation: more oxygen and nutrients to your bodily cells and more waste products out of your system
  • Boosting the body’s natural defense system by stimulating the flow of lymph
  • Increases mobility and flexibility
  • Centers the mind and body
  • Encourages a restful sleep

And, it’s also good for your skin!

Relaxation massage
This massage is focused on deep relaxation. That doesn’t necessarily mean that only light pressure will be used: the pressure will be adjusted to the individual body. Sometimes deeper pressure will give more relaxation.

Deep tissue massage
The deep tissue massage is more intense than the relaxation massage. This is the perfect massage to work on specific stiff or painful areas of your body.

The deep tissue massage involves applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes.

It is helpful for tensed and contracted areas, like stiff neck and shoulders, lower back pain, tired, stressed legs and more.

> A combination of a relaxation and a deep tissue massage is also possible!

Pregnancy massage
Decreasing stress hormones results in a calmer baby 😊

Pregnancy is a special time; a new little human being is growing inside of you. Your hormone balance changes and so does your body. This can be quite intense.

The primary aim of the pregnancy massage is to calm the body and ease pains, like lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension, hip pains, leg cramps, insomnia, fluid retention and more.

– The massages are given on a massage table with recesses for the belly and breasts.

> During all massages some shiatsu points will often be treated to enhance the effect of the treatment.